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Connie Schultz Takes on Right To Life Billboards – Again

In Connie Schultz’s lastest column, “Race-Baiting for Life, Redux,” we hear directly from La’Tasha Mayes, founder and director of New Voices for Reproductive Justice, a grassroots organization that acts through New Voices Pittsburgh and now, New Voices Cleveland. In an interview, Mayes said that with these billboards, Ohio Right to Life’s agenda is as transparent…

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February 2014 Moral March On Raleigh 70 - Creative Commons License

BREAKING: New Voices Cleveland Challenges Ohio Right to Life on Campaign Targeting Black Women & Abortion

Today, New Voices Cleveland, a grassroots organization for, led by and about women of color, sent Michael Gonidakis, President, Ohio Right to Life, an open letter demanding the discontinuation of what the group calls “heinous billboards” in ORTL’s anti-abortion campaign that targets Black women. That letter in full can be viewed via the link at…

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Yes You Can: Write and Submit an Opinion Column

I’ll never forget the time I was talking to my dad on the phone about how my freelance writing career was going. It was 2005 and I’d been getting published, for pay, since 2002 (the Plain Dealer op-ed pages were the first, thank you, Brent Larkin). I had a 20 hour per week, two-year contract…