Endorsements are news, no?

I received an email this morning that confirmed what the Plain Dealer Openers blog posted yesterday re: Ted Strickland will receive endorsements today from Ohio’s U.S. Representative (D-11), Stephanie Tubbs Jones, and Mayors Michael Coleman (Columbus), Frank Jackson (Cleveland), Rhine McLin (Dayton).

I went to Ted’s campaign website to find a link that I could enter into a blog post (that would just say, here’s the official announcement of what was already announced by Openers yesterday), but there was nothing about today’s events on:

-the front page
-the blog
-the news page
-the sidebars

In fact, the last blog entry is from 5/26, and the most recent news item is from 5/23.

To be fair, we’re coming off of a three-day packed with parades weekend. Still, if the PD found time to post about it, then someone in the campaign probably found time to inform the PD about it, right. Why not try to get the news on the site too?

I’m not interested in the info being on the site because I think not having it on the site, after it’s become public, makes the site stale. I just wanted an item to link to – so that others could see for themselves that these endorsement appearances will occur today.

And I’m sure that tomorrow or within a short time, Ted’s site will have pictures and words from the events. That’s appropriate. But, after reading the announcement in my inbox, and wanting to make a quick blog entry of it, just to say it’s true and happening, I’d hoped that I’d find a link to the info on Ted’s site.

Unreasonable or reasonable expectation? And why?