Follow elections on new blog, Political Base, from a founder of CNET

Here’s the formal coming out post for the new political blog, Political Base:

Our goal is pretty simple: to build on an electorate energized for change by providing a comfortable place to debate, learn the issues, explore different viewpoints, and promote your own.

We look at Political Base as a community that will only grow and thrive with your participation and contribution. We provide a powerful, easy-to-use platform, along with (hopefully) insightful front-page commentary, tools like campaign finance data, up-to-date polling, and AP news feeds, and it’s up to you to join the conversation, discuss what’s important, share what you know, and learn what others around the country care about. Ultimately, a democracy can’t function without an informed electorate and that’s what we hope to accomplish here. If we don’t know what’s going on, how can we properly participate and make sensible decisions about which candidates or issues to support?

First, a quick note about the genesis of the site. It’s the brainchild of Shelby Bonnie, the co-founder of CNET — one of the world’s first online media companies — and one of the true pioneers of the digital world. Along with Shelby, and his small team of engineers and developers (all CNET veterans) who built this platform from scratch, is me — Mark Nickolas — a traditional in-the-trenches political veteran who’s spent the past decade in Democratic campaigns at the presidential, Senate, gubernatorial, and congressional levels and someone familiar with the blogosphere, having published a well-regarded state-based political site called While my formal title is Managing Editor, a more accurate one might be Community-in-Chief, as my job will be as much moderator and facilitator than pundit and analyst.

Adding it to my RSS.  It sounds a bit like, if that site were only about politics – which it’s aiming not to be.

Hmm – I ‘m shooting for 100 posts to the Carnival of Ohio Politics #100 edition this week, which I’m editing.  Maybe I should shoot for 400 feeds too (I’m in the low 300s right now).

One complaint:

We know that there are at least 300 women-run political blogs and millions more about many topics run by women.  Why are the moderators of both these sites men? Am I missing the women-run ones? Political Base indicates that its founding fathers are, in fact, all men (five of them).  Whether they’re fathers or not, I don’t know.

Come folks – women vote as much if not more.  Women use the Internet as much if not more.  I promise, I won’t reject every argument you give as to why men got the nod, but give me at least three good reasons why a woman didn’t.

Seriously.  Not whining here – just wanting to understand what’s going on – or not going on.