[photo] JMZ of WLST at NPR

We look so effing serious, don’t we?

All the guys around me are NPR social media dudes.  Shireen Mitchell of Women Wired In is three down from me, on the same side as I am.  Next to her is NPR’s Andy Carvin, social media dude extraordinaire.  Next to him is Aldon Hynes of Orient Lodge, who lives down the street from where I grew up, back in CT.  Across from Shireen is Jill Foster (light blonde) and next to her, closer to the foreground, is Laurie of Laurie Writes. Vivian Paige is two down from Jill Foster, on the other side, with a phone in one hand and a light-colored shirt on and Birdie Jaworski is in between them. Two people away from Laurie was Aaron aka Technosailor whom I didn’t realize was one and the same for, like, two hours.  The whole list of who was there is here.

4 thoughts on “[photo] JMZ of WLST at NPR

  1. What a night, oh.what.a.night!

    Thanks for this great pic; and it was a thrill meeting you finally in person on this incredible day. On a side note, I’m grateful you and the blogger troupe were so gracious, open to hugs. Because once Obama’s win was called, my Hug Switch was out of control! Till the next win ….. JMF.

  2. Yeah, serious until the crying and hugging and whatnot.

    Thanks for this – I love it. I’ll get mine uploaded by next week! (Slowly working my way through all my debate watch stuff now – I take way too many pictures!)

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