Women don’t like Limbaugh so he wants a women’s summit

Another really.

First, here’s the information from Public Policy Polling. In addition to the gender gap discussed below, the poll indicates that few people think Rush Limbaugh should have much influence:

Even if voters are pretty split on whether they like Limbaugh or not, there’s more of a consensus on how much sway they think he should hold in American politics, which is not much. Only 23% of respondents said Limbaugh should have ‘a lot’ of influence and the most common answer, given by 42% of respondents, is that he should have no influence at all.

Even among Republicans only 39% think Limbaugh should have a lot of influence, an indication that some GOP elected officials have perhaps been more eager to stay on his good side than necessary in the early days of the Obama administration.

Now, from Limbaugh’s website re: the gender gap found by PPP:

“The gender gap is one of the largest [Public Policy Polling] has seen on any issue it’s polled in the last year, with [Rush] Limbaugh having a +19 (56/37) net favorability among men, but a -12 (37/49) with women.” I have a 37% approval with women, 49% disapproval.  “Thirty-one-point point gender gaps don’t come along all that often.” Now, ladies and gentlemen, this is an opportunity here, because this takes us to the age-old question: What do women want?  Not even Freud was ultimately able to answer the question.  Women generally, for the most part, can’t answer it, either.  But it has never stopped people from asking the question: What do women want?  Given this massive gender gap in my personal approval numbers, a 31-point gender gap, it seems reasonable for me to convene a summit.


We’ll have a summit of all the women in this audience — or as many of them as we can get into breakout groups — and perhaps devote an hour in an upcoming program to calls only from women who genuinely want to talk to me. They can be liberal, conservative. They could be non-audience members, could be audience members.  But I want some of these women to start telling me what it is I must do to close the gender gap — or, if not what it is I must do to close the gender gap, what it is I’ve done that has caused the gender gap; assuming the gender gap is true and that the poll is true.

Ummm, you know – the women, who aren’t listening – they’re the ones ya probably need to hear from the most, yah?


I don’t know if we’ll do it tomorrow because we got Obama’s big speech tonight, but we might.  So, you ladies be on standby. Be ready at any moment for me to declare the summit officially underway, and we will take calls only from women who want to seriously discuss the proposition of this giant gender gap that I have, and what I could do to close it.  In other words: What could I do to attract a higher favorability rating among more women in America?  I own the men, and what must I do now to own women?  And who better to ask than women?  Including some of those who may agree that that I’m unfavorable.

After the non-sensical GOP response from Bobby Jindal last night – whom Rush says is the next Ronald Reagan (who was called The Great Communicator – that same Ronald Reagan?), I am seriously, seriously worried on behalf of my conservative friends.  Who on earth are your real leaders and icons right now? Who measures up?

Me – I say Arnold and the Mods (the two GOP Senators from Maine – Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, and PA Senator Arlen Spector).  But I’m really not the right audience to be addressing this question.

Who – who measures up?

6 thoughts on “Women don’t like Limbaugh so he wants a women’s summit

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  2. He should get at lwast one call from Coulter.

    If she can stomach him.

    Then again, considering where she’s at, she might call him more than once pretending to be more than one woman.

  3. I do not find his mean-spirited approach refreshing. Being mean and selfish is really old. I can’t understand why men like him unless they are insecure bullies just like he is. If he did yoga and turned vegetarian so as to get a better outlook and look more healthy and then just stopped talking he might be tolerable. Except for his mean out-dated ideas. He is a bad role model for men as is. I would like to know what companies support him so that I can boycott them.

  4. Am I the only one who finds his response kind of refreshing in a way?

    Regardless of his politics, he’s still a media personality who puts out a product. He’s recognizing that his product doesn’t appeal to women at all. I almost sense genuine befuddlement..”why don’t women like me?”

    Of course he’s not really interested in hearing the answer but I think women who don’t listen to him should be willing to go on the airwaves and tell him exactly why they don’t listen to Rush.

  5. My first thought – Duck tape!

    My second thought – Allowing any of his ex-wives the honor of removing the duck tape in any manner they see fit.

    My third thought – Each woman repeats the most stupid things he has said about women. Let’s start with that dumb premise that I don’t know what I want due to gender. Somebody was cooking the numbers for sure.

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