[updated] #Palinsexism, Donny Deutsch, Pat Buchanan, “sexual appeal,” “knockout”s

Update: Read this excellent round-up of sexist treatment of Sarah Palin by Adele Stan of just what this is about.

Original post:

That looks like a list of trending topics from Twitter or Google but it’s actually got to do with keeping watch on how sexist the media coverage is in regard to Sarah Palin.

Palin supporters sometimes fingerpoint at non-supporters for, in the supporters’ opinion, not defending Palin against sexist commentary and descriptions (despite one of the most outstanding feminist sites, Shakesville, publishing the most comprehensive review of sexist attacks on Palin during the 2008 campaign).  But, contrary to that fingerpointing, within a few hours of Sarah Palin’s announcement that she will step down from the elected office of Governor of the state of Alaska, at least one social media-based effort started to track the sexism.

Jenn Pozner, Founder and Executive Director of Women in Media and News, started a sexism watch with this hashtag, #palinsexism, and this tweet:

Feminists & progressives, let’s b on lookout 4 #palinsexism –if u see blatantly sexist coverage, call it out. (h/t @addiestan 4suggestion)

If you do a search on #palinsexism, you will see that it has caught on and I’ve added one from today (as an example for how anyone can flag possible sexism):

ran out of chars before: is it #palinsexism? when Buchanan, Deutch on Morning Joe call Palin “knockout” & 1st female pol w/”sexual appeal”

I also posted this question on Facebook and it’s fascinating to see how differently people view such statements.

Yet the issue goes beyond whether a particular characterization is sexist or not.  The issue also is about recognizing that it might be sexist and then fleshing out whether or not it is, and why or why not, so that we can hold the media accountable for when they stray from giving us news and analysis bereft of news and analysis and replete with sexist commentary.