Women in the Workforce Disproportionately Disadvantaged if Issue 2 Passes

Mike Gillis, Ohio AFL-CIO communications director, has written up this excellent piece about the forum I moderated two days ago on the impact of Issue 2 (i.e., SB5) on women in the workforce.  The panelists were superb and I could have listened to them for a day-long presentation.

I’ll be writing up my thoughts on the panel in the next day or so but in the meantime, please read Mike’s post.  A teaser:

Kelly Trautner, deputy executive officer for labor relations with the Ohio Nurses Association, spoke about legal aspects to collective bargaining that act as a protection for women in the workplace.

One of our core American values is equality.  Collective bargaining elevates the role of the employee so they can have a say in the workplace and there are many laws that protect women in the workplace.  Collective bargaining provides another layer of that protection.

Any of the panelists would be great resources if you still have questions.

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