If you want sex, change that daylight savings time back again

Meghan Daum wrote (and had published) the oped I wanted to take the time to write, because I thought the same thing as her as soon as I saw the sleep deprivation study reports too: women will suffer the most from the time change (even less sleep) and men will benefit the most (more daylight for golf and BBQs). But I didn’t have time to write it because I was so tired.

Read her column here. Here’s a teaser:

In conjunction with [daylight savings time’s start], the National Sleep Foundation released the results of a poll last week showing that most women don’t get sufficient shut-eye and suffer negative consequences as a result. A random telephone survey of 1,003 women aged 18 to 64 found that 84% experienced insomnia more than one night a week. And 40% reported snoring, sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome.

Unsurprisingly, the groups that suffered from the worst sleep disturbances were mothers (both working and stay-at-home), although single working women without children spent the least amount of time in bed (less than six hours on work nights versus an average of roughly 8 1/2 hours).

To cope with drowsiness, 65% of the women surveyed said they drank caffeinated beverages during the day, and an alarming 36% reported fatigue-generated mood symptoms that left them “feeling hopeless about the future.”

Tell me something I don’t know.

One thought on “If you want sex, change that daylight savings time back again

  1. I don’t like the time change either, especially in the spring. I lived for a year in a place that had no time change, and it was great. It takes a while for my internal clock to shift gears.

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