Brunner to fire Bob Bennett? Asked all Cuyahoga BOE to resign

Breaking news from the Plain Dealer:

In an interview this morning, Brunner said the two Democrats, Edward Coaxum and Loree Soggs, have agreed to resign. Republicans Sally Florkiewicz and board Chairman Bob Bennett have not done so.

Brunner said that after last week’s sentencing of two Board employees for mishandling a recount, public confidence is at an all-time low and that she wanted to make a new start at the board.

She gave all board members until the close of business Wednesday to resign. She says she has the authority to fire them and will do so if they don’t leave on their own.


8 thoughts on “Brunner to fire Bob Bennett? Asked all Cuyahoga BOE to resign

  1. Hmmm. I hear something whizzing past me over my head.That’s a fascinating take. I want to believe it, trust it – but it doesn’t seem as though we have to go awfully far to “get it” – I don’t know if that means that it’s not really what Keillor meant, but…sometimes that happens.Still – it’s one interpretation I hadn’t read. Thanks.

  2. I agree 100% with Anastasia – there is no upside whatsoever for Bob Bennett. It looks selfish, it is selfish and only those who were on the losing end of the November elections are going to suffer.

  3. You’re probably right, Red, and I think that, for the moderate GOPpers in particular, they are just being repeatedly screwed by their party.

  4. Jeff- it will not be Brunner. I was there at that press op yesterday (totally by accident, I hope to write about it later today) but I am convinced that it will not be her. And it shouldn’t be.

  5. By fighting, all Bennett will do is make a much wider public aware of his conflict of interest in being chairman of the BoE and also chairman of the state Republican Party. Go for it, Bob. Keep the corruption narrative alive!

  6. Shalom Jason,I’m betting Bennet goes to the wall. And yes, the results will be most interesting.B’shalom,Jeff

  7. Bennett, Jeff.I hope he refuses to resign. The spectacle of public hearings on his, um, leadership at the board will be compelling. Yes, compelling, even for a government hearing.

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