C-SPAN interviews SCOTUSblog reporter for intimate portrayals of the justices

Stuff like this makes me so proud to say that I keep a blog, because those of us who have visited or used SCOTUSblog as a resource know what an excellent resource it is.

Well, Lyle Denniston was on C-SPAN this morning in the 6am hour and he was going on and on about each of the justices and what they are really like. It was fascinating.

According to this info about Denniston, I know now why I like him: he’s a Georgetown graduate as well as an adjunct professor at the law school there (okay – so that’s an overstatement – there are a lot of people who went there or teach there that I don’ t like – but I bet he’s shouting Hoya Saxa a lot this week). Kudos to him for embracing blogging.

And, from the looks of it, every blogger who wants to be taken seriously would do well to read his book, The Reporter and The Law, described as:

“An invaluable guide on how a newspaper can best report the truth from charge through conviction or acquittal.” — Alvah H. Chapman, Jr., President, Knight-Ridder Newspapers


“A book about the courts that should be studied by every teacher of public affairs reporting and by every reporter covering the courts…. A superb handbook [that] can make a significant contribution toward improving journalists’ understanding of the courts system.” — Journalism Quarterly

Read more about Denniston here who won a major award from SPJ in 2005.

And if Jeff Hess trusts the guy, that about seals it for me.

2 thoughts on “C-SPAN interviews SCOTUSblog reporter for intimate portrayals of the justices

  1. I have got to read his book now. I hate to latch onto someone as a possible idol because they’re destined to disappoint, but he seems about as close to the real deal as exists. And I cannot believe that he would say that he isn’t a journalist.

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