Bill Callahan and NYT on Brunner

If I were a personal attack kind of blog, even I wouldn’t be able to publish what I think about Bob Bennett’s behavior related to this matter. I guess that lunch Matt Naugle was so worried about is moot now (and he doesn’t have to think about Brunner switching parties anymore).

NYT coverage here. The pictures of Brunner and Bennett in the print version occupy almost as much space as the copy.

Bill Callahan’s take here – and I agree 100%. Honestly – this litigiousness of the GOP leaders is unbelievable – not to mention, Eye of the Statehouse are you listening? – wasteful.

6 thoughts on “Bill Callahan and NYT on Brunner

  1. Well, anonymous, Ed Coaxum has graciously stepped down. Meanwhile, it’s Bennett who a. is the chairman and the guy who has been calling the shots while the other three board members nod their heads and b. has the biggest conflict of interest as chairman of the state Republican Party. “See, the Democrats do ittoo,” has become the most feeble and desperate of defenses we’re hearing these days when usually the two things compared resemble comparing the shoplifting of a candy bar to the armed robbery of a Brink’s truck.

  2. Totally with you on that, Anastasia. For the party that talks about personal responsibility as being the building block of so many things, it’s pretty clear how short a distance that extends.

  3. Bennett’s “Mason should have stopped it” excuse is pathetic. As a member of the Board of Election’s board of directors, it was precisely Bennett’s job to set policy about how procedures are handled at the BoE — not to wait for Bill Mason to do it. As a defense, this is just sad.

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