PD piece on who is a journalist equals evidence for why it shouldn't be rigidly defined

Here’s the story.

In the middle of it, you’ll see a line or two about Eric Fingerhut’s proffered and rejected amendment to the Public Records bill (now law) to expand the access to CCW info to bloggers.

That info, though? Wouldn’t be in there if the traditional journalist, John Caniglia, hadn’t called a less traditional journalist, me, and asked me some questions.

And I wouldn’t have known about Fingerhut’s attempt if the Ohio Senate Democrats hadn’t used its ability to give info to bloggers, and obviously not traditionally defined journalists (who may have gotten it but never wrote about it last December), and forwarded me an alert that Fingerhut was going to offer up the amendment.

And the Ohio Sen Dems wouldn’t have had an ability to get that info to bloggers if we didn’t have the network of contacts between those of us who take our passion for politics and the state of Ohio to the level of writing about it and researching it and writing about it some more on…you got it, blogs.

Are we journalists? Am I a journalist?

Now that John Caniglia has written this article and spoken to a few of us who publish in the cyberspace, I’d love to know what he thinks (that’s sincere, btw, John).

One thought on “PD piece on who is a journalist equals evidence for why it shouldn't be rigidly defined

  1. Yes, you are, Jill.From Answers.com:A journalist is a person who practices journalism, the gathering and dissemination of information about current events, trends, issues and people.And so goes Ohio – I can’t keep up with all 50 states so I count on my friends to keep me informed. I LOVE information. Keep up the good work.

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