Frmr Chair, MI Federation of Young Republicans' rape trial to be June 11

The docket on the pending Cuyahoga County criminal case, with 17 counts, including 12 for rape, of the former chair of the Michigan Federation of Young Republicans, Michael Flory, has been updated. It reveals that the pretrial was held yesterday, not last Wednesday morning, 3/14/07, as the docket indicated in its entry of 2/27/07. It also indicates that Flory’s trial will be on Monday, June 11 at 9am.

I do find it curious that I wrote the prosecutor’s office last week and inquired about the pre-trial, since the docket, as of last week, didn’t reflect that the pre-trial had occurred. The prosecutor’s reply was, “You can follow the docket online. Sometimes it takes a day or two for a new entry to be posted. The information contained on the county website is the information that is public.”

But I didn’t get any other reference to the fact that the pre-trial had been postponed or otherwise delayed. How might I have questioned the office so that I would learn that the pre-trial would be today? Possibly just by calling. But couldn’t the prosecutor have said that too, or is that not public knowledge? I’m not sure.

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