White Hat rep doesn't know how much profit it makes

O.M.G. You have GOT to be kidding me. (He can’t answer Dan Moulthrop’s questions about profit, and it comes in around 5/6ths through the MP3 here of this morning’s Sound of Ideas program.) The White Hat representative is Rod Coker (not sure if I have that last name spelled correctly). John Zitzner, my neighbor and driving force behind E-City schools, is also in the broadcast – his entity represents the best potential for charters

As for how much profit White Hat makes, I can tell you: enough to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to politicians.


Now, at the end, Mr. Coker, VP of the Life Skills Center at White Hat (see here for more) can’t tell you how much goes into the operation of the schools either.

Talk about a problem with accountability and oversight.

2 thoughts on “White Hat rep doesn't know how much profit it makes

  1. Agreed. And what would have been even more poignant is if John Zitzner then answered those questions for E-City. I’m sure he knows the numbers.

  2. Shalom Jill,I had exactly the same reaction.His total failure to provide any dollar figure means he’s either:a.) Lying through his teeth, orb.) Completely incompetent.Neither bodes well for the students in those schools.B’shalom,Jeff

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