Cuyahoga BOE: Throw the baby out with the bathwater and do NOT refill from the same spigot

The Silent Majority posted this entry today (written by an anonymous contributor) called, “The Deal that’s Holding Cuyahoga County Hostage.”

Let me say this about that: ignore every single one of these people as possible Cuyahoga County Board of Elections members or director:

Bob Bennett
Rob Frost
Bob Spada
Jim Trakas
Tom Patton

plus Jimmy Dimora whom I was told last night is angling to get on the BOE,

THEN: let Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner do her job, for goodness sakes.

I can’t even say that the last thing we want to do is have all these political party people on the Board of Elections – anarchy would be better (though I don’t know how different it would look). Who’s idea was it to have such politics involved in what should be an entity held accountable by and to the voters of this county? Not an ordinary voter’s idea, that’s for sure.

Personally, I have nothing but good words for Rob Frost, and primarily nothing but good words for Bob Spada and Jim Trakas, my current state senator and former state representative respectively. Bob Bennett – not so many good words, but I have seen him in better form (like at the Beachwood presentation I attended after the November elections).

But this jockeying and posturing and posing is just plain old Ann Coulter schoolyard b.s. and, like the vapid language used by bullies, does nothing to advance or enhance the elections process or rebuild the completely nonexistent trust that the people of this county need to have in its BOE.

Brunner is right: perception has overwhelmed process and we need a clean, apolitical start. There’s no room for selfishness on the part of politicians when it comes to protecting the one thing every Cuyahoga County voter should guard with selfishness: their vote.

In honor of the show I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change: We might have learned to love you, you might have been perfect if the system weren’t so saturated with politics, now get out of the picture.

If anyone wants to nominate some more babies, from any point on the political spectrum, feel free to throw them out too.

4 thoughts on “Cuyahoga BOE: Throw the baby out with the bathwater and do NOT refill from the same spigot

  1. Rick – I don’t know – do you think so? I’m not that third party folks are any less susceptible to whatever the problems are with the two main parties.I don’t know – what are, where are the models of well-functioning BOEs of a similar size??

  2. What if the BOE were populated by third party politicos? What would it look like of there was a Green Party rep, a Libertarian, someone from the Reform Party and a Socialist in there? Would that keep the big guys in line?

  3. Anastasia – thanks – that last thing you say, that is exactly what I think too – I personally know Republicans that I would trust on the BOE. If that party or the Dems for that matter, can’t look beyond three or four names, we seriously are all in such deep s***. Thank goodness Brunner is pretty much FORCING them to look deep and beyond money. I HOPE. Long live meritocracy.

  4. I couldn’t agree with you more, Jill. Partisans and powerbrokers like Spada and Dimora are not appropriate appointees, if only for the perception they would create. Surely both parties on their long lists of members can find impartial candidates with knowledge of and interest in the election process and keeping it fair, efficient and transparent. The county is overrun with quality Democrats, even if they are not active party regulars. And if the GOP can come up with some ddecent judge candidates such as Joan Synenberg, surely they too can come up with some names everyone can respect.

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