Pullins takes one from my favorite play, 1776: For God's Sake, Bob, Sit Down!

More or less. Here’s Scott Pullins’ open letter to Bob Bennett, pleading with him to get outta here:

Dear Mr. Bennett:

Will you do Ohio Republicans a huge favor and please resign from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections? Heck, you should have never been appointed to the seat in the first place.

Did you really need the $21,000 per year in salary? You are already making over 200k a year as party chairman, before the other bennies. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to place the county chairman, or finance chairman, or executive director, or political director, or someone that was actually connected with the Cuyahoga County Republican Party?

Heck, Bob, you don’t even really live in Cleveland. Don’t you live in that sweet place in German Village that the Ohio GOP pays for every month? Bob, you held your press conference in Columbus. I have had some bad press before, but that was just dumb.

Does it really make sense to pull the Ohio GOP into a legal pissing contest because you are greedy? Is this one of the great principles that Republicans will fight Democrats over in the next couple years? So you can qualify for PERS?

Bob, for the party’s sake, what’s left of it, turn out the lights, shut the door, and call it a day. The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections is screwed up royally, and you were in charge. You never fixed it. Just resign, it’s long past due. We Republicans are about taking personal responsibility aren’t we? Aren’t we?


Scott A. Pullins, Esq.
The Pullins Report

When you gotta agree, you gotta agree. And with this one, I agree.

5 thoughts on “Pullins takes one from my favorite play, 1776: For God's Sake, Bob, Sit Down!

  1. Pahleeze – I was Robert Livingston in a production when I was 13 at my all girls camp. Someone ought to OHHHpin up the window!It’s 90 degreesHave mercy John please!For God’s sake John sit down!

  2. Except that it was sit down, *John*:Adams:Oh, good God! Consider yourself lucky that you have John Adams to abuse, for no sane manwould tolerate it! Congress:John, you’re a bore; we’ve heard this beforeNow for God’s sake, John, sit down!Adams:I say vote yes! Congress:No! Adams:Vote yes! Congress:No! Adams:Vote for independency! Congress:Someone oughta open up a window! Adams:I say vote yes! Congress:Sit down, John! Adams:Vote for independency! Congress:Will someone shut that man up? Adams:Never!

  3. Scott’s a little quirky, but every now and then, it’s happened at least a couple of times, something real comes through. I appreciate it.

  4. bwahahahaha……Scott – you have a new fan.I’m a life long Democrat and I always will be. But buddy, your party’s been hijacked. Do us *all* a favor and take it back.

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