[updated] White Hat Management lies to Ohio on WCPN broadcast

O.M.G. What the hell is wrong with these people? State Rep. Josh Mandel, I am begging you to please, please, please reconsider all the support you get from these folks.

Here’s the deal:

As I posted yesterday, the White Hat Management rep on WCPN’s Sound of Ideas yesterday said that he didn’t know how much profit White Hat made on its for-profit schools, nor did he know how much was spent on operations.

Well, on today’s Sound of Ideas, which you can listen to here, Dan Moulthrop tells listeners that after the show went off the air, Mr. Rod Coker informed Dan that he, Rod Coker, knows exactly how much is made and goes into operations, but that White Hat doesn’t disclose that information.

Hello – calling Eye on the Statehouse? And Mr. Hansen – head of the Buckeye Institute – who says he wants to dump the Ohio Department of Education? You support liars like White Hat’s Rod Coker? Those are the types of people you want to entrust my tax dollars to, for educating my kids? Over my extremely cold, dead body, Mr. Hansen.

Why the hell didn’t this man just say what he knew on the air? Because he knows how indefensible it is that White Hat “doesn’t disclose” their numbers. Total, complete BS. He’s under orders to sound like a complete nincompoop rather than give up the holy grail of how much White Hat makes and gives to politicians?


Call me a blogger. Call me anything you want that you think will hurt me – but I do not lie on the broadcast of a public service news show about EDUCATION.

What an effing insult to Ohioans.

David Brennan should, at the very least, fire this man.

Man I am angry!


Can you believe me, Ms. Write Whomever You Can Whenever You Can forgot to include email addresses for White Hat!? What an oversight:

Here are two addresses to write to and describe your dismay, disgust and distaste for entities that allow spokespeople – and employees of the entity – to lie to listeners of a radio show about education:

BTenenbaum@themilenthalgroup.com (White Hat’s PR/Media group)

info@whitehatmgmt.com (White Hat’s general info email)

10 thoughts on “[updated] White Hat Management lies to Ohio on WCPN broadcast

  1. Anon – sigh, I know. I think I need to have another two-hour coffee with him. He’s like this silent juggernaut to whom money seems to stick, without doing all that much – emphasis on SEEMS because I don’t know for sure. I keep thinking, he must be doing SOMETHING. Or people are just really big into blind faith these days.

  2. Thanks, Anon. That’s the kind of information our state auditor, Republican Mary Taylor, who has taken money from White Hat and/or Brennans, needs to hear so she can get them to provide the info they should be.

  3. Don’t count on Mandel to do an about face, Jill. He’s too busy saving the world from Iranian expansionism.

  4. i taught at one of the life skills centers (white hat’s schools for high school dropouts) for almost two years, and let me tell you, i was saying they should be shut down even when i was still working there. i wanted to work with urban youth, and it was the only job i could get. the company has absolutely no idea how to run schools–profit is indeed their prime motive. we had staff being laid off all the time due to “budgetary” reasons and the existing staff was worked to the bone. the administration was largely inept, there was far too much turnover, and discipline was awful. there were all sorts of shady management as well regarding state funding. i feel quite blessed to have gotten out of there, to say the least. for the same of america’s children, i hope that white hat is forced to shut down soon…the good things it has gone for youth are far outweighed by the extremely poor education that most its students receive.

  5. Carole – thanks for trying the link – we’ll see what we can do to figure it out. I’m transcribing a small part of the CPN broadcasts re: the exact quotes that contradict one another. Argh, as Jeff Hess says! Thanks for sharing your experiences too.

  6. Agreed, Jeff, totally agree. And I am still certain that the other panelists there yesterday must have dropped their jaws or got their eyes stuck in the back of their heads.

  7. Bryan – thanks – I haven’t had a chance to check out the link yet. Carole says she’s tried but not having luck – I’ll try to check it out later today or tomorrow. I’m transcribing the relevant parts of the CPN show yesterday and today! 🙂

  8. I tried to use the link Bryan provided but it said I needed a password (account) to get in. I went to Educ Dept website and did not have luck ferreting out info on budgets either. None of this surprises me. And I don’t like that records are not public. I do not want more of my tax monies going to charter schools. I think they have no accountability. The White Hat session you point out here makes my blood boil too. But they are, I suspect, not the only ones hiding money. I know when I was teaching there was not good auditing of charter schools. I wonder if it has improved. The cynic in my says no. Put tax monies into public schools instead. Just MHO.

  9. Shalom Jill,Thank you for running this down. I heard the same broadcast and nearly drove of the road I was so mad. Maltroup deserves a pat on the back for making sure his listeners knew what went on.B’shalom,Jeff

  10. hopefully this link works. it should take you to the ohio dept of ed database. it allows you to access by-pupil expenditures and revenue for public and charter schools. see it here.

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