Let's go Hoyas! thump thump thumpity thump 66-65 over Vanderbilt

But I have a confession to make: I fell asleep in my youngest child’s bed and missed the end of the game. My mother called and said, when I picked up the phone, “Can you believe it!?” And I had to say, “No! Wait! What happened!? Did they win or lose??”

Sigh. of. re-leaf.

But now, it could very well be that match-up from 1982, GU v. UNC. Sigh, not of re-leaf. Guess I’ll have to follow UNC’s game against USC tonight.

Chas Rich told me the other night that he’s got GU going all the way. Wendy Hoke says the same thing. If they get past UNC, I might start believing, but I’ll still be very, very superstitious about it.

4 thoughts on “Let's go Hoyas! thump thump thumpity thump 66-65 over Vanderbilt

  1. The UNC/USC game changed last night when Gibson picked up his fourth foul. Until then, USC owned the lane.Hibbert could cause problems for UNC, but I’m worried he’ll pick up fouls quickly against Wright and Hansbrough. If I were Roy Williams, and I’m cleary not, my game plan would be to pound it inside early attempting to put Hibbert in foul trouble.

  2. Aw, thanks Terry! I haven’t been following the basketball all year so I’m not familiar with UNC/USC. Would be awesome to not face UNC, psychologically – but then I’ll have to look into USC. Can’t it all just be over with GU on top now? 🙂

  3. What a great game tonight! I can’t believe you fell asleep while it was on. 🙂 Last time my channel flipped to it (UNLV vs. Oregon is primary coverage here), USC had a nice lead on UNC. North Carolina isn’t nearly as invincible as people think – Gonzaga beat them early in the season. If it comes down to it, Georgetown will handle them.

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