The problems with Dubai, soon to be problems for Hillary?

The New York Post published this op-ed by Dick Morris and his wife, Eileen McGann that calls for Americans, and, by name, certain Democrats and Republicans, to stop legitimizing Dubai. It caught my eye because of “anti-semites” and Halliburton. I didn’t anticipate the Clinton connections although given that Morris and McGann wrote it, that was an oversight unlikely to happen again.

At the very least, the column illuminates the mixed messages sent by American businesses and politicians as to how okay it is or isn’t to be in Dubai. At the very worst, it’s as Morris says:

“It’s time to stop legitimizing an anti-Semitic state.”

H/t to Yid with Lid.

6 thoughts on “The problems with Dubai, soon to be problems for Hillary?

  1. Well – so – you are saying that you believe that anti-Israel and anti-Semetism are so distinct as to share nothing, or not enough to be significant? My experience indicates otherwise. What makes you feel that they are so distinct?

  2. Is it really that hard to draw some bright lines? The blurring of the lines between anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism is perhaps the only shared goal of Islamists and right-wing Zionists. Let’s not allow those two groups of nuts to run the show.

  3. Headline aside, there’s one thing missing from the Morris piece — actual evidence of state-sponsored antisemitism by Dubai. Anti-Israeli, surely, but anti-Semitic?

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