Dispatch on OEA/Dayton lawsuit against charter schools

Catherine Candinsky writes in today’s Columbus Dispatch:

Dayton has the second highest number of charter-school students in the nation: nearly 6,500, or 28 percent of the district.

The exodus of students cost the district an estimated $43 million in lost state aid during the 2005-06 school year. Since 2000, $189 million has followed students leaving Dayton schools for charters.

Anyone know how much of that goes to David Brennan and White Hat Management charter schools? Well, okay – how about how much of our tax dollars go right back to the politicians that Brennan and White Hat support?

Rod Coker probably knows, but he’s not telling. Or, he’s telling us he doesn’t know, and then, he’s telling us he knows – but he’s not telling.

That White Hat Life Skills Center Coker oversees must have a class called, How to Lie with a Straight Face. Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez obviously didn’t do as well as Coker.

8 thoughts on “Dispatch on OEA/Dayton lawsuit against charter schools

  1. Thanks, SAB – yup – in my previous post about the OEA suit (Friday evening I think), it came up. But yes – she’s received over $30K from Brennan over the last few years. Going to be an interesting conversation about how she’ll do her job vis a vis White Hat.

  2. Now Daniel – again, you know that I’m not going after his family – I’ve never done that with others and I’m not doing that now. You know what I’m going after: would the legislators who make decisions that affect our lives subject themselves to the same restrictions to which they’re subjecting the rest of Ohioans? We can’t know that without asking certain questions. If you can think of a way to ask such questions without intruding impermissibly, I’m all ears. But to suggest that wanting to know whether a legislator would approve the same restrictions that they would have applied to all Ohioans would apply them to him or herself is, in my opinion, very much part of debating politicians on the issues.Yeah – this 57 Reasons thing and charters…I’m not sure…that bar mitzvah is so time-consuming…;)

  3. The information could be relevant, but it’s information that I don’t have. My own personal code of ethics (which I wouldn’t seek to impose on anyone else) directs me to debate politicians on the issues based on their public words and actions without referring to members of their family (unless, of course, they, of themselves, seek to inject a discussion of their family into the debate). I always make the assumption that their family is off limits until they signal otherwise.I hardly feel the need to know how the Husted family has been schooled in order to have enough ammo to shoot holes in the General Assembly’s stance on for-profit charter schools. I probably already have enough ammo to draft 57 reasons for opposing for-profit charter schools, but I won’t do so, since “57 Reasons” have practically become a registered trademark of WLST. 🙂

  4. From Ohio Money Tree and a search on Husted and Brennan, it looks like Husted has, over the years, received about $37,500 from the Brennans.

  5. Do we know where Husted’s kids go – I don’t actually know if he has kids. I would like to ask each of the politicians who have accepted money from Brennan and those who support charters whether they would or will or do send their kids to a White Hat school. Would Brennan? Do Brennan’s employees send their kids to White Hat charters?Thanks for your comment – you raise important thinking points.

  6. The Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives, Husted, is from suburban Dayton. In fact, the region of the state that has the most clout in Ohio’s General Assembly is SW Ohio. In my view, the landscape of education legislation in Ohio is largely determined by what constituents want in the Dayton and Cincinnati suburbs and exurbs.

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