Matt Naugle issues apology to Jim Petro

See here.

Matt, you know and I know, this is a free country. You’ve not been a big fan of Petro’s before, from what I remember reading. Why does it upset you so much that he went to the Clinton fundraiser? I don’t remember you getting this upset when Nathan Estruth – a man who has given thousands of dollars to Republicans, including Ken Blackwell, and helped found Common Sense Ohio, went to the Strickland rally. Why not?

For the record, I went to at least one or two Bob Taft fundraisers early on in his governorship. I even tell people about it – publicly. One sign of my attempts at being open-minded and willing to listen. I’m not always, but I try to try.

Are these really such awful traits that you have to scold Petro repeatedly and then go far enough that you then have to apologize for what you’ve said in error? Is helping people understand their choices really worth doing that?

2 thoughts on “Matt Naugle issues apology to Jim Petro

  1. I did not give money – my husband did. I used the opportunity to ask Taft face to face why he wasn’t putting up a stink over the intelligent design garbage going on at the time. Taft is a nice, nice man. He was spineless though, IMO.As for Matt, I want to believe the best in people. People with such passion need to shed all this nastiness. It’s so hurtful and sure didn’t win him or his candidates anything. I don’t get it. And it takes a lot to convince that someone is not redeemable. Just how I am.

  2. Really? A taft fundraiser? Did you give money?heheI voted for Perot- I admit it- but I was young and stupid and I didn’t have any money to give (not that I would have given it- or he would have needed it).But Matt is even younger.Barely old enough to drink- let alone make sound political choices.Give the kid a break. If he wants to beat up on people from him own party- that’s less work for us.

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