Nominations open for 2007's The REAL Hot 100

Here’s my post from 2005 when I first heard about The REAL Hot 100 for 2006. Only one Ohio woman made 2006’s final 100 (from Bedford Heights) last year, though I offered up many names in that announcement post of women I’d wished folks had nominated.

So how about throwing some more names in the ring this year? I’ve already sent Chuck Schumer two names for possible ’08 Senator competitors. Come on, send some names to the REAL Hot 100:

Go here to nominate. The deadline is 7/1/07.

Go here for the FAQs.

And go see Maxims if you must already for their 2006 Hot 100 (2007’s list won’t be out until the June issue).

2 thoughts on “Nominations open for 2007's The REAL Hot 100

  1. Let me put it this way, Bill: enough guys I know have risked telling me that I’m an MILF that I had to finally look that acronym up in the urban dictionary. So sure. Go for it. I’m thrilled to be over 40 and alive with the good fortunes I have. That, to me, is hot.

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