Royal Dutch Shell Blog monitors cybergripers & anyone whose words or deeds impact Shell, including Josh Mandel

Wow. Who knew? And from the looks of it, this blog has been around for a while. Has anyone else ever looked it over? Any guesses as to who maintains it?

And then there’s this whole list of Cybergripers. Another who knew moment for me.

4 thoughts on “Royal Dutch Shell Blog monitors cybergripers & anyone whose words or deeds impact Shell, including Josh Mandel

  1. Hello JillShell has spent millions over the years pretending to be an ethical oil giant. You may recall Shell’s global advertising campaign which featured the slogan – “Profits and Principles”. Shell’s ethical code -its “Statement of General Business Principles” – pledges honesty, integrity, transparency and respect for people in all of Shell’s dealings. If Shell management had acted at all times in accordance with the claimed principles, then scandals such as the Shell hydrocarbon reserves fraud in 2004 could not have happened. That debacle cost Shell shareholders hundreds of millions of dollars in fines by financial regulators and for settlement of related class action lawsuits. Shell has set aside $500 million to settle the remaining global class action. Shell is currently engaged in business dealings with the Iranian regime despite the threat of U.S. sanctions and the fact that the Iranians are now holding 15 British sailors as hostages. Shell executives are also aware that the Iranians have supplied roadside bombs which have killed many American and British soldiers. However, Shell management is so desperate to make up for the vanished reserves that it is hell bent on achieving that objective irrepective of ethical and moral considerations. Shell’s slogan should be Profits and NO Principles. Kind regardsAlfred

  2. Mr. Donovan, Thank you so much for taking the time to comment here. I am going to guess that you are based in Britain?I hope you don’t consider it lazy of me, but I’d love to know what you believe would be the best case scenario as far as how Shell conducts itself, since I think we have to accept that such companies will continue to exist? The goal is basically to make it a human and socially responsible corporation, responsive to consumers and employees and investors alike?Again – I love that you are 90 and doing this, and thank you for sharing this info.

  3. Hello Jill Grey Power: My name is Alfred Donovan. I will be 90 next month and I operate with my 60 year old son, John, the blog site to which you refer. It receives over 2 million hits every month. The site has cost Shell billions, literally. For more about our activities, please read the following article: information can be found on the following Wikipedia link:

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