Schumer solicits names, creates website so anyone can suggest DemSen'08 candidates – including yourself

I picked up the news from Blogometer, which I subscribe to via Bloglines. On this past Wednesday, NY’s senior Senator, Chuck Schumer, and mastermind of the DSCC’s success with getting a Dem. majority (including a role with Paul Hackett getting out and Sherrod Brown getting into the race against former Ohio GOP Senator, Mike DeWine), posted an entry on DailyKos. He wrote, in pertinent part, the following:

Netroots support is a key metric the DSCC uses to determine the viability of any given candidate. And the importance of netroots support is often larger in the early stages of an election cycle. Now is the time when the netroots can help find candidates and build the energy they’ll need to win.

That’s where you come in. I’d like to begin the discussion on who you think would make a good Democratic candidate for Senate in 2008. This will be the first of many discussions throughout the cycle. We need quality candidates in 21 states – from Oklahoma to Oregon, from Kentucky to New Hampshire – we’re looking for Democrats that can win in 2008.

So please make your suggestions and recommendations in the comments below [in the Kos post]. I’ve also asked my staff to create a section on our Web site that you can use to recommend Democratic candidates after today. Let’s harness the power of the netroots to find the candidates that we need to expand our majority.

Think you have what it takes to be a U.S. Senator? Or know someone who might? Then go here and enter the info. The Kos post has over 700 comments. Not sure how many are suggestions – I haven’t looked. But we’re still 20 months away from November ’08. Who is looking at the names, making a list, checking backgrounds, emailing the netroots, googling for more, making the decisions? I don’t know, but someone does. There’s always someone who knows.

If I didn’t have that darn bar mitzvah…

8 thoughts on “Schumer solicits names, creates website so anyone can suggest DemSen'08 candidates – including yourself

  1. Unique – I agree with the qualifications you outline. I would add tenacity and flexibility: you can continue to fight for what you believe in and still change how you get there if necessary. Likewise, you can change the end result if the methods are important to you. But rarely should it be all or nothing when you’re talking about the national government.

  2. 2010 = Tim Ryan, and if he doesn’t want it, whoever. I don’t care at that point b/c no one else would excite me as much as Tim could.

  3. *”I didn’t enter it, since I’m Republican. I respect Chandra, though, for being very articulate.”*Thanks for being honest. Unless articulate was used in the suddenly covert sense…nonetheless – it didn’t appear that way to me but we live in interesting times.I’ve heard of Subodh Chandra all the way down here. Good things, too.What I look for in a Senator is: is the person honest, resistant to the pull of corruption, willing to listen to reason, willing to listen to the other party when they’re willing to work together, and finally, do they listen to their constituents. That’s very important though I saved it for last.Could I be one? Not hardly. Much too stressful for me and I *can be* diplomatic (or so I’ve been accused) but I’m very often not.What do you think, Jill? (not about me – the qualifications)

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