New series on "people & events that shape telecommunications policy" talks Internet & prez campaigns

Watch this show (original broadcast appears to have been 3/24/07, I caught it this morning):

Lee Rainie, Pew Internet & American Life
This week’s guest on “The Communicators,” a new C-SPAN series that focuses on the people and events that shape telecommunications policy is Lee Rainie, Pew Internet & American Life Project, Director. Mr. Rainie talks about how the rise of blogs, streaming video and other websites has affected the way presidential campaigns are run.

Although the report from which Rainie pulls info was released a couple of months ago, Rainie:

*answers questions that relate to incidents in the last few weeks and looks into the future as well;

*says Blogs figure prominently as a deep source and he says there’s no news executive who isn’t thinking about how to expand and improve his or her presence on the Internet;

*discusses the FEC’s decision last year to back away from making blogs and bloggers subject to campaign contribution regulations even if such sites are dead-set on getting a particular candidate elected and thus a “contribution” of sorts, as well as an entity raising money;

*talks about how Facebook and other social networking avenues might be expanding political activism into the young adult population as never before.

You can read more about the reports from which Rainie pulls info here but first browse and consult Election 2006 Online.

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