Dimora defers to Brunner

WCPN reports this morning (sorry, no link yet, I heard it on the 7:35am piece) that Cuyahoga County Dem. party chair and Commissioner, Jimmy Dimora, will defer to Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner’s choice of which Democrats should replace the two who resigned from the county BOE last week.

Mr. Dimora, that is classy.

Do I suspect and expect that there have been plenty of talking-tos about this that I don’t know about? Yeah. But nevertheless, for the sake of perceptions, and in the interest of at least appearing harmonious and smooth, Dimora has made the right announement and decision.

Now – who do we think the two will be?

11 thoughts on “Dimora defers to Brunner

  1. Matt – What exactly are you suggesting? I’m open to hearing ideas for how the system should change. Are you saying that the BOE positions should be elected positions chosen by the county voters? Is that something done elsewhere that seems to work? Montgomery County – ok -I’m blank – I’d have to google it – what specifically happened?

  2. King – I just have no idea what to do with your response comment to what I wrote. It’s just so flip that I really am turned off by it – what did you have in mind when you wrote it, as far as whether you even wanted me to respond? It reads more as though you just wanted to see what you thought in print on a screen. What’s up?

  3. Matt,Without this fight,the local GOP may have been able to have more say so. Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t Brunhilda have to approve all appointments to the BOE?Win or lose, do you not think she will milk all she can out of giving us a hard time with potential replacement candidates?Your remark about someone from Columbus should not be running the Cuyahoga County BOE, is right on point. That is another reason Bennett should be stepping down.While I agree she is grandstanding and turning this political, the Cuyahoga BOE is/was the epitome of failure. Even after getting more than one second chance, they still screwed up.Please tell more about Montgomery County. I am unfamiliar with that county.Being fair minded and determined to get rid of the scandals, I am quite confident Brunhilda will do the “right” thing. If not, maybe “we” will be in a position to “help’ her.KING

  4. Jill,Is it really a classy move to let some bureaucrat in Columbus make a decision that effects Cuyahoga County? What makes that any different than what the current/former BOE did?How about having Cuyahoga County decide who should be on the Cuyahoga County BOE?And will anyone ever address what happened in Montgomery County?

  5. Jill, I don’t read your blog because I find it interesting. I read out of disbelief.Here I thought you read mine! If you click on “Cleveland Corruption” tag in my site, you will see the info on all my questions.Sorry I missed the radio show. I have been really busy with my neo-con classes lately.They have us reading “How to screw up the Board of Elections and give the dems a freebie” by Bob Bennett.Please enlighten me on your views of Steelyard, Triangle & CMHA property. Thank God Wal-Mart is giving back their tax abatement, really saving Jacksons butt.How are you able to criticize republicans as all terrible, yet Cuyahoga County (your backyard) is being run into the ground by your very party.In all honesty, how can someone involved as you have no answers on these issues which directly affect this area?I find it sort of ironic in a way. While the democrats court the African – American vote, dems have nothing to say about the minority contract abuse at the airport.You seem keen to point out wasteful spending at other levels of government except from the dems in our backyard.Your sewer bill will be increasing 50% over the next 5 years. New increases will be added again at that time. The $100,000 waterfall in the NEORSD lobby is really nice though.Teamor was just released from prison for his role in the Nate Gray scandals and bribing disgraced democrat Cleveland councilman Joe Jones. In case you are unfamiliar with Gray – he was corrupt democrat Mayor Mike White’s corrupt buddy.Coyne was a former democrat mayor (Brookpark- I think) who had several DUI’s and then was found passed out drunk in his underwear sleeping in a strangers front yard/driveway.I suggest you read my posts on these issues. The little that I do know from your blog about you – I would think you would be as mad as me about this stuff.Here is something for you though. Does not score me points with the GOP, but I was not born to please them – I think Jimmy is a hell of a guy and is a blast to be around!KING

  6. Oh King – I forgot to respond to this:”Ricardo Teamor and Tom Coyne would be two dems fitting for you guys.They would be perfect to help you guys continue to run cuyahoga county in the ground. They have the qualifications you guys seek for this area.”That’s disingenuous to say to me – you obviously haven’t read this blog long enough to know what qualities I’m interested in. Dispense with the generalizations, be sincere and then make suggestions.I have no idea who Teamor is and I’m only hazily aware of Tom Coyne is he the Brook Park Mayor guy?

  7. Jeff – yes – you should slap yourself. But I will tell you, if Brunner appoints him, I’ll feel like slapping more than just myself.

  8. King – Thanks for putting up some of the questions I know we’ve had hanging in the air. Here they are, cut and pasted from above. Since we are on Cuyahoga County, any comments on the:K:Corruption at the airport?J:I honestly know very little about this topic. But I can tell you that a former law school classmate of mine had to leave there several years ago when there were problems. Seems like they have a lot of problems.K:Wasteful spending at the sewer district?J:Another one I haven’t followed closely at all but from what little I’ve heard, yes, a fiasco.K:Over paid teachers & failing schools?J:Well – you’ve used loaded words here that require a bit of evidence – nothing huge, just even a reference to a report or an article or something. Also, are you saying throughout this county, or just Cleveland?K:Jackson “forgetting” about the Triangle Development property?J:Yeah – I spoke about that on the radio. Are you showing me you didn’t listen? (said in mocking tone – promise)K:Buying land at 3 times the value for CMHA?J:Ditto the above comment.K:Jackson not knowing about tax abatements at Steelyard Commons?J:Ditto the above two comments.K:Jacksons inept plan on regionalization and J.E.D./No poaching agreement using CWD?J:Ok – I have no idea what you’re referring to here. 😦 Sorry.Corruption at CWD?K:New airport director directly lying to council?J: Again, no idea about this story – what it is, when it happened etc. Sorry.K:Violent crime in Cleveland twice the national average?J: Again – a report reference or something would be helpful. What I have read is that violent crime is on the rise everywhere in the country – that was in the news within the last 4-6 weeks. What would be useful in looking at this concern is knowing whether it used to be three times the average, or only the average – so we could know if it’s gotten better or worse, not whether it is better or worse comparatively speaking.Now – let me tell you, I’m still flattered that you care about my opinion on this stuff. I’m really not sure why. I almost never write about any of these topics, with the exception of education and very infrequently crime. But thanks for thinking I have something to say that you want to read.

  9. Ricardo Teamor and Tom Coyne would be two dems fitting for you guys.They would be perfect to help you guys continue to run cuyahoga county in the ground. They have the qualifications you guys seek for this area.Jill, you can bet Jimmy did not get a talking to. He is very smart and astute in these matters. Since we are on Cuyahoga County, any comments on the Corruption at the airport?Wasteful spending at the sewer district?Over paid teachers & failing schools? Jackson “forgetting” about the Triangle Development property?Buying land at 3 times the value for CMHA?Jackson not knowing about tax abatements at Steelyard Commons?Jacksons inept plan on regionalization and J.E.D./No poaching agreement using CWD?Corruption at CWD?New airport director directly lying to council?Violent crime in Cleveland twice the national average?

  10. I expect if it’s up to Jennifer she will be looking at people who are knowledgable about elections and don’t have excessively partisan backgrounds. In Cuyahoga County, Democrats don’t need false advantages. They gain by simply assuring a safe, fair, open elections process.

  11. Shalom Jill,Well, Jimmy couldn’t very well appoint himself could he?(I’m so cynical I ought to slap myself.)B’shalom,Jeff

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