Former GOP eCampaign director has night terrors of Dem videographers run amok

Seems that Michael Turk, former Republican National Committee eCampaign director and eCampaign director for Bush-Cheney ’04, read an email from the DNC that outlined a full frontal assault plan with the use of video. See this post at techPresident for the pertinent part of the email and here for more about Turk (who has a resemblance to some Ohio Republican bloggers, yes?).

Turk’s concerns?

…the thought of a 50-state videography plan should actually make Republicans nervous. The sheer volume of footage the Democrats could grab on Republican gaffes at all levels cannot be underestimated.

The presidential campaigns will have their own opposition guys tracking their foes. The real benefit from this would be to have a party sponsored videographer at every congressional event, every pancake breakfast. The number of down ballot races that could be swung by an off-the-cuff remark is greater than the less remote possibility that someone more polished will hand you the silver bullet.

While the GOP doesn’t exactly have an exclusive on saying or doing stupid things, it will certainly seem that way if YouTube is flooded with DNC produced videos and our guys are putting up nothing.

Don’t worry, Mr. Turk. The Ohio Republican Party is way ahead of you with these great oppo photos on its website’s front page.

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