Shameless: WLST on WCPN tomorrow, Feagler & Friends on Friday/Sunday

Okay. Have at it.

Sound of Ideas here.

Feagler & Friends here.

I consulted my blogging gurumuse about promo-ing and was asked one question: Do I want people to watch?

Well, if I could have the draft beer handle in front of my nose 100% of the time, probably. Without it, I need the camera people to use those lenses that kind of make you look all hazy and fuzzy and get rid of your crow’s feet.

I’ve been advised to take out my nose ring, not to wear sequins and see what I have in navy and white.

Okay – and one last thing, while I’m prom0-ing: Ohio News Now’s Capitol Square is also asking if I’m interested (I said yes but haven’t heard back).

Do these people think bar mitzvahs just put themselves together or what?

Just joking! I’ll be all sad if the asks stop coming. Let my son put on his own bar mitzvah.

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