That's what I like about you: The Plain Dealer

Even though I don’t agree with the PD’s assessment of the OEA lawsuit (the docket indicates that it’s not going anywhere very quickly; it’s more like the amendment and all the other rumblings: things are hitting a critical mass and action needs to be taken sooner rather than later on all fronts), I am extremely happy this morning, sitting in the waiting area while my kids play with Lego SpongeBob characters and are getting their haircuts. (My life has come to this: last night, from 9-11pm, I was at the autoshop having my battery checked because I’d left the interior lights on in my car overnight and my car wouldn’t start yesterday morning, three minutes before I had to be at a dental cleaning. Two nights ago, my husband asked me to put something on my list, and I just laughed – that would be, which list? which I would find…where exactly? Did I mention that I had a dream last night that my house was a circus, literally, with two thousand children in color-coded t-shirts and huge 18 wheelers on my lawn bringing goody bags? But at least it was a sunny day.)

Oh – back to the PD.

First thing: anyone with the PD who is reading this, I have a huge favor to ask: that MRI information from the AP on the front page – great news.

However, the Cleveland Clinic has been running a head to head study for over two years now that is comparing mammograms alone versus mammo and MRIs. It would have been excellent if you’d supplemented the AP report with what’s happening locally with that study. I was just on the phone with the Clinic yesterday or the day before and they gave me the name of the woman who is closest to the study because I wanted to know how far into the three year clinical research trial they are and what they’re finding (I haven’t called her yet but her first name is Annette – I don’t recall the last name off the top of my head). That study is going to be significant in regard to the issue of MRI use for breast cancer detection. Here’s more on that likelihood, but someone really should follow-up with the Clinic folks. (And don’t forget to mention that women who get mammograms should be asking about whether they’re digital or not because the industry is moving to digital, as opposed to film, as the standard.) (This Q&A hits on exactly what the CCF study is researching.)

I know all this because I’m at risk, but not enough risk to have been included in the study, and I’m going in for my six-month follow-up MRI next week (I wrote about my first MRI here and here, among other posts, and how the results weren’t so good but they couldn’t figure out what it was showing with additional tests, so I was told to come in for a six month follow-up).

Okay – so that was on the front page (which I got to see here in the waiting area, I still don’t get the PD again, though I have gotten a few calls to re-subscribe).

Then, also on the front page was a great picture of old Jewish ladies dancing to “Freak Out.” How could that not make you smile?

Then, there was the article by uber writer Margaret Bernstein about adoption journeys – and I mean journeys.

Then, the Taste section was all about Passover-but of course, dahling, since Pesach begins on Monday evening – have I mentioned how I don’t have to cook a thing because we got ourselves invited to other people’s homes? Sorry Jeff. 😦

Then, the editorials included two excellent ones (not just because I agree with them): one on Strickland’s decision not to go for sex ed matching funds that would require teaching abstinence-only and the other on Northern Ireland’s historic moves forward on peace. I heard some folks talking about it on the radio yesterday – talk about honoring peace and the future and recognizing the destructive impact of continuing war and violence – for what? So impressive.

So – that’s my cheerleading for what I saw of the PD today. And, given all those items in it that I liked, in the few minutes I scanned it, it definitely beats out my memory of ever having found so much to like in one edition before.

How’s that for positivity?

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