U.S. sinks from first to seventh in World Economic Forum's "networked readiness index"

Why? From AP news:

The study, out Wednesday, largely blamed increased political and corporate interference in the judicial system.

The index…also cited the United States’ low rate of mobile telephone usage, a lack of government leadership in information technology and the low quality of math and science education.

My emphasis.

Well, when the country’s leaders, for umpteen years, seek to promote an agenda that includes the replacemant of teaching evolution in our public schools with the religious tenets related to creationism, you’re looking at problems in leadership and education edging neck and neck for blame.

It does not have to be this way.

2 thoughts on “U.S. sinks from first to seventh in World Economic Forum's "networked readiness index"

  1. Mileage variance definitely counts. I’m going to read hyperbole into your comment though because I simply believe that the constant description of public schooling as being at the evil mercy of unions is absurd. I’ve been up close enough to know how damaging unions can be, but they are not, by and large, these evil entities that conservatives imply. IMO.Thanks for reading and commenting, Matt.

  2. If government “leadership” is what you are after, I’ll have to disagree…but your emphasis on education is well worth a look. Generally speaking, I think education is a travesty in this country and it has more to do with the union-sponsored social engineering going on in the classrooms rather than proposals to teach intelligent design alongside evolution…but your mileage may vary.

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