How 'bout some demographics of exactly who Ohio wants to enter college and where they're going to go?

This article from the Dayton Daily News describes the new Ohio effort, KnowHow2Go, that intends to get more 8th-10th graders interested in attaining a college diploma.

Funny thing is, just yesterday, my dental hygenist was telling me about how kids from the Beachwood public schools with 3.5 averages, sports, work experience and other extra-curriculars are getting rejected from Ohio State University.

Now, aspiring to go to college and graduate doesn’t mean that you will necessarily be able to get to go to your top choice.

But, based on this anecdote, which students are being courted and to which schools are they being directed? If there’s going to be a consolidation of higher education programs available, are there cross-purposes at issue that aren’t being fully considered? Or are the brains behind the program trying to make sure that there’s a critical mass for the programs that will be consolidated, and they’ll expand others?

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