Ode to B-list blogs

Many Ohio blogs probably agree with this take, From The Moderate Voice:

There is an opportunity for the blogosphere to become a lot richer, not necessarily by expanding our blogrolls or RSS feeds, but by progressing organically from individual posts we find interesting to see all the range of commentary being forwarded on the subject. I think that the way to get the most out of the blogosphere isn’t necessarily to rely on the gatekeepers at the top (as useful as they are), but to harness the power of the b-list–blogs that are not at the top but can be relied upon to provide top-notch commentary on their areas of interest and expertise. It takes a bit more effort, but if blogs which can move traffic start working on this (Joe’s massive link round-ups are an excellent and all too rare example of the genre), I think we can really change this medium for the better, both in terms of our own intellectual stimulation, as well as revitalizing the more egalitarian and meritocratic blogosphere instincts that have begun to wane of late.


Read more here at David Schraub’s The Debate Link.

4 thoughts on “Ode to B-list blogs

  1. I like to think of my blog as more in the “indy exploitation” category — like, you know, The Blair Witch Project. Or the original Night of the Living Dead. Something with actors recruited from my high school class.

  2. Dave – I think Pho’s comment addresses yours very well. I totally get what he’s saying re: John C Reilly and using a B-list designation.

  3. Not loving the term B-List. “Local,” or “specialty” blogs would work as well without implying a hierarchy of quality as B-list does. John C. Reilly may not be an A-list actor, but no one calls him B-list.

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