GU v. OSU: The halftime post

Well, you know, heart attack and all. Hibbert and Oden haven’t played much. Very cautious game so far. I’m thinking, watch out. To me, GU looks more experienced except for all the damn turnovers, man, I hate those.

The coaching is taking over. Game looks restrained to me. Prediction: GU’s going to go all UNC over OSU in the last few minutes.

But, really, when it comes to this game, do not pay attention to me.

Let’s go Hoyas!

5 thoughts on “GU v. OSU: The halftime post

  1. you left before the lobster-wtf!!-what social circle are you in and how can I get invited to these parties, they sound fantastic, your name should be Jill Amy MIller Zimon Gatsby-going to twelve course meals, I am very fat and would really enjoy that

  2. Thanks, Westender. You have no IDEA how much food was at this wedding. When we were leaving, at midnight, they were bringing out lobster.

  3. Depression? Over what?Oh. Basketball?More like the weight I put on last night having to eat a twelve course Russian wedding meal.Bucks? What’s a Bucks?

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