What do Jews do, Passover 2007 [updatedx2]

Read about Passover 2006 here and here.

[Update: I forgot this post from last year and this one too.]

This year, we will be celebrating in a most unusual way.

First, we won’t be hosting any sederim and we will not be with any of our family members (parents, sibs, cousins, grand-parents and so on). Instead, we’ll be at the home of acquaintances and work-related folks tomorrow evening. They needed more people to fill their seder which is twice the size of my biggest. Then, Tuesday evening, for the second seder, we’ll be at the home of our shul’s cantor. Now that should be fascinating. This gentleman has the voice of an opera star inside the most hamisha personality. They have young kids that my daughter will no doubt coddle and, I can’t say for sure, but I suspect the food will be good too.

My parents will be with my older brother, his fiance, her son and his two kids. My younger brother – I don’t know where he and his wife will be- probably with her folks will be in NYC with my aunt and uncle and my first cousin and her daughter in NYC (h/t my mom who emailed in the info). I’d put money on that gathering to be a good time.

My in-laws will be in Boston with that segment of the family. And that’s pretty much the group that otherwise would have been here. Because of the bar mitzvah and everyone coming here gulp next month, it seemed like unnecessary travel for folks to come to us this year as had been done for a couple of years in a row (although last year we went East).

Second, we’re hoping to stay kosher l’pesach more than usual. It’s not really that hard, you just have to give yourself over to meat, eggs, potatoes, vegetables, fruit and no bread or noodle-type stuffs (if you check out that first link above, you can read all the rules and regs – they’re pretty specific). Here’s a down and dirty guide. Heinen’s stocks a lot of items, more every year I must say, including kosher l’pesach cereals and pancake mixes and so on. I have a couple of good cookbooks also and will work them over.

Third, in preparation for the bar mitzvah next month, we’re turning our house upsidedown. I can’t even describe it, so distracting are my surroundings right now. But in between ripping up floorboards, learning that expensive parts of ancient equipment have failed and attending what are called festival services (for the holiday), my kids are in school this week – so that’s a mixed blessing.

Because of daylight savings time, the sederim won’t start until after 7pm so they won’t end until well past 9 or 10pm and so I have to decide whether or not to pull my kids from school on Tuesday and/or Weds. I’m playing it by ear. With them having just been out a week for spring break, it’s a real drag to have them re-start in such a staggered way. Our district is about 30% Jewish so it’s tough on the teachers as well. Beachwood and Solon are both off this week I believe, as are other districts around NEO, and they will not have these concerns.

Sigh, at least I don’t have to worry about Georgetown.

2 thoughts on “What do Jews do, Passover 2007 [updatedx2]

  1. Hi Wendell – thanks. I hope you clicked on the all the links at the top – I added two more, they really trace the holiday well and explain how I practice (or don’t practice) my religion.Down and dirty – yes – you are right! But the cleaning is focused on getting the hametz out of the house. You can still have an unclean house, I think – but the dirt just has to be unleavened. 🙂

  2. Jill:Thanks for your passover rundown. Jewish culture and practices are so incredibly foreign to me that I found the post informative.Question though: how can a guide to kosher rules be “down and dirty“?

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