[updated] What gives with Dayton Politics blog?

Update: Someone speaking for Dayton Politics has communicated with me a couple of times and provided me with sufficient assurance, for now anyway, that the failure to provide any attributions to the info in question (see below) was more or less an innocent oversight. With blogs written by multiple folks, I can imagine how such things can happen and I wish the blog authors the best of luck.

Again – my key point: if there’s one common courtesy among blogs all along the political spectrum, we do link to one another and to primary sources. Not everyone does it as well or as often as others might want them to, but it is the one behavior I have yet to see not be followed by the respected blogs – even if they’re ones with which I disagree or refuse to visit because of content.


Anyone? I just need to know. I don’t think I can sleep.

I’ve left two very sincere, simple comments – both of which have been deleted – regarding this post on Dayton Politics. It was lifted word for word from either my blog post here or Progress Ohio, here. I don’t care about being attributed but the bulk of what Dayton Politics re-prints is from the Columbus Dispatch – not even me. And Dayton Politics doesn’t attribute the Dispatch article either.

What’s with that?

And then they keep deleting my comments, and not writing me back, and altering the post – to not include most of my words, but still one sentence of mine, and then to re-include the Dispatch stuff (which they did appear to delete at one point but it’s all in there now).

I don’t mean to be rude, but I’ve spent some time trying to find out who is in charge over there and haven’t had any luck.

Please – personally – I don’t care – but I do not want my work lifted word for word without even some acknowledgement that what I’m referring to came from another source.

Come on – be straight up, would you?

14 thoughts on “[updated] What gives with Dayton Politics blog?

  1. King – what you’ve written here has nothing to do with this post. You want to have a serious discussion, just say when.

  2. Jill -I find that hard to believe!Using the same theory as you did with Josh and the YR rape case, you must know them.Let’s see, they were jewish, you are jewish, they owned Beachwood Mortgage Co.,so you both are from the east side, and both eat Kosher food.And you go to a synagouge and so do they. You must have friends in the same circles, being such a tight knit community, you must know them.You should do something to let the jewish communtiy know so something could be done about this. We don’t want everyone to think the east side or jewish people in general are anti-christian, do we?I am interested in hearing your response, as again, this was the same theory YOU have used before.KING

  3. No one I know would think that’s funny. Probably why I’ve never heard it before – I don’t hang around people who think things like that have humor.

  4. Very to the point Hickmania!You forgot to leave out all the backhanded attack she makes on Christianity, under false pretenses.Or the lack of remarks on Cuyahoga County Democraps running this area into the ground. Jill, I will respond to your comment on my Easter post later this evening or in morning.Or am I mistaken and you are searching for truth? Don’t worry -that’s perfectly OK. Your searching for the truth, may come from an empty spot in your heart, that Jesus can fill. You need to accept Jesus for what he is Jill. Even the Old Testament, predicts you will deny the real Messiah, which is why you continue to wander.I understand you may be confused and may possibly want to be one of the 144,000. Sure you know that reference.Oh btw, the Goldstien Nails joke is a picture of Jesus laying at the foot of the cross. Two jewish guys standing there saying “Huh, next time we better use Goldstien Nails”. Nice joke huh?This was shown to me by some jewish people who wrongly assumed I was jewish. when told I was Catholic, they responded – “It was only a joke.”Now what do you think would have been done had I told a joke about jews and the Nazi’s?

  5. Yes Jill,Dayton Politics has covered quite a bit of the information about what Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman have been publishing (Election fraud stuff).And yes, Dayton Politics didn’t attribute Bob and Harvey exactly right all the time.But, who cares… the message got out to people in Dayton. That is far more important than quibbling about whether or not Dayton Politics documented their sources properly. The fact is that Dayton Politics never misrepresented anything that Bob and Harvey published.I may or may not know who Dayton Politics is, but I wouldn’t tell you if I did because of all the BS crap that all you whiners and nit-pickers put me and people like me through related to the stolen 2004 election as well as your (Jill’s) arrogant Pepper Pike rich niche crap attitude and your totally offensive positions on Israeli militarism.I’ll admit that Dayton Politics should do a better job with attribution, but it ain’t no biggie. If the MSM lifted your work, then I’d understand totally. The fact is that few if any Ohio bloggers demonstrate professional journalistic technique and thus even though you (Jill) claim to be a “writer,” you (and others like you) shouldn’t be nit-picking every blogger that’s not part of your Pepper Pike rich niche and/or Pho’s blog police and/or Bryan Clark’s Tin Foil Hat Buckeye State Blog Bashers and/or George Nemeth’s Hometime Foo Foo Drink Sushi-rama and/or Psychobilly’s NASCAR reports and/or Tim Russo’s kiddie time sexual escapades and/or (let’s not forget) PlunderDUMB Eric’s belly fat dancin’ and Boxin’ matches with Matt.If all of you expect everyone to respect your views and criticism, then you should accept broader viewpoints and the criticism that goes along with it. Instead, most of the group I’ve named above choose to ban and censor people that they find disagreeable while, at the same time, publicly dish-out their own criticism toward others which in most cases is unfounded and unjustified.

  6. Hickmania: if you get sick of reading something for whatever reasons — why do you continue to read it?

  7. Thanks, Red. I thought I’d come across this issue before but I couldn’t remember who had had the problem. I just don’t get it. What could possibly be the advantage in the end?

  8. Seems to be a microcosm of Dayton politics itself: errant, small, hard to figure out, unresponsive and not in touch with the people. May seem a little harsh, but aside from their City Council itself and some City Hall workers, I bet many there would agree. I lived briefly in downtown Dayton a few years ago. Look around there and you see blocks and blocks of missed potential. That coupled with some really brilliant past ideas, like electric buses, and it makes one scratch their head whilst they try to figure out how to get on the other side of the highway to visit their reputable art museum…

  9. Who really cares about this sort of stuff except Phreaky Pho and sexual offender and defunct psycho blogger Tim Russo?You know Jill, just be grateful that the message is getting out in a different area of the state than your narrow little Pepper Pike niche and/or the NEO Foo Foo Sushi set of George Nemeth’s Meet the Boneheads.Holy cripes Jill. You get all bent out of shape about freakin’ petty ass nonsense. Even worse, you constantly pound Judaism, rationalization for Israeli Militarism and “I am woman hear me roar” propaganda down the collective throat of the Ohio blogosphere.I’m so damn sick of your holier than thou Pepper Pike arrogance. Go trumpet the so-called glories of your home state hero (Joe Lieberman) and STFU about at least half the spam posts that you clutter-up both Leftyblogs and BlogNetNews.Also, most of your posts are far too long and fail to get to the point within the first 60,000 words.Now, please proceed to delete this comment.

  10. I’d suggest contacting where the domain is hosted thru which appears to be yahoo in doing a Who Is search with the ip address.NetRange: – CIDR: NetName: INKTOMI-BLK-4NetHandle: NET-68-142-192-0-1Parent: NET-68-0-0-0-0NetType: Direct AllocationNameServer: NS1.YAHOO.COMNameServer: NS2.YAHOO.COMNameServer: NS3.YAHOO.COMNameServer: NS4.YAHOO.COMNameServer: NS5.YAHOO.COMComment: RegDate: 2004-03-24Updated: 2005-08-26RAbuseHandle: NETWO857-ARINRAbuseName: Network Abuse RAbusePhone: +1-408-349-3300RAbuseEmail: network-abuse@cc.yahoo-inc.com Report the site for stealing content and see if they’ll pull it or at least issue a warning so the person running the site will see it’s not something that’s adviseable to do.

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