The most moral

I’m not sure if I’ll be listening to the results of this quiz, but chances are good – I’m almost always shuttling someone somewhere between two and four in the afternoons. (I took the quiz already.)

Go here to learn more about the morality quiz. Learn more about the Talk of the Nation broadcast that will be in Arizona here, when the results will be discussed.

5 thoughts on “The most moral

  1. I just took the quiz. G-d I wish I could’ve gotten the results right away! But I have a feeling I would fail anyway. I have answered all the questions with all honesty. And what shall I do, I’m just a human. Religious I may be, but still, humans like me make mistakes too. And I just want the best for my kids. You guys could relate more if you take the quiz. But I have got to tell you, you won’t take the results right away. But just merely taking the quiz would already give you an idea of what kind person you are.Mel

  2. Very interesting quiz! I would like to my results to remain a secret. i din’t get 100% but I’m pretty satisfied with what I got =P The questions are very realistic. Thanks for sharing this!Mel

  3. Was there a place to see your score? I’m glad you said that. I was afraid no one would believe me.I would pick the flowers in my neighbors yard – after I asked them for permission.

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