Nuthin' but class: Gwen Ifill on Imus

Gwen Ifill says it all in this NYT oped, and what she says goes for trash talk whereever it happens – blogs and blog commenters included.

Why do my journalistic colleagues appear on Mr. Imus’s program? That’s for them to defend, and others to argue about. I certainly don’t know any black journalists who will. To his credit, Mr. Imus told the Rev. Al Sharpton yesterday he realizes that, this time, he went way too far.

Yes, he did. Every time a young black girl shyly approaches me for an autograph or writes or calls or stops me on the street to ask how she can become a journalist, I feel an enormous responsibility. It’s more than simply being a role model. I know I have to be a voice for them as well.

So here’s what this voice has to say for people who cannot grasp the notion of picking on people their own size: This country will only flourish once we consistently learn to applaud and encourage the young people who have to work harder just to achieve balance on the unequal playing field.

Let’s see if we can manage to build them up and reward them, rather than opting for the cheapest, easiest, most despicable shots.

My emphasis.

The only thing I would change in Ifill’s approach? Building up and rewarding rather than throwing the cheapest, easiest, most despicable shots should be done on behalf of everyone – not only “young people how have to work harder just to achieve balance on the unequal playing field.” Is there really anyone who wouldn’t benefit from such an approach?

4 thoughts on “Nuthin' but class: Gwen Ifill on Imus

  1. Unique – I just wish some of the conservative groups would come out and say what they think – like the Family Research Council – that group hasn’t once condemned Ann Coulter. And it’s a supporter of CPAC. That’s just hypocritical, IMO.

  2. Paul – by now we’ve both heard the litany of offensive stuff he’s said. But you know – Whoopi Goldberg was saying that she didnt’ know this before, but Imus did stand up comedy or something many years ago and she was saying that she thinks he thinks this is an extention of that comedy – that he may not and probably does not even believe what he is saying but that he’s looking for the reaction. As opposed to Rush Limbaugh or maybe Ann Coulter who claim to believe what they say, as opposed to it being part of routine.Frankly – I’m not sure which it is or if it matters. For me, you just don’t say that kind of stuff about other people, period. That’s why when bloggers are saying I don’t get their humor? They are absolutely right, when it has to do with calling people names and personal stuff. I don’t get that. Never have.

  3. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:It’s Time to put ‘Civil’ back in MSM. Civil as in ‘civil discourse’I hope this puts all the trash talkers on high alert.Family Values, my Aunt Fanny. Talk how you want to friends & family (if they put up with it) – racial slurs, vulgarity, and general rudeness are so last year. Read the memo.

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