You know, handlers need to feel that they are in control of those they’re trying to handle. No question about it. And those being handled should expect…to be handled since they obviously have in fact invested in handlers.

But sometimes, you have to wonder whether The Handled wouldn’t do less damage to themselves than The Handlers do to The Handled whilst they try to keep The Handled from being handled.

Case in point, from OPENERS, which was trying to discern Michelle Obama’s schedule as it relates to upcoming campaigning in Cincy, in pertinent part:

OPEN asked Obama’s campaign on Monday if Obama’s wife, Michelle, was campaigning in Cincinnati on Wednesday, as the Cincinnati Herald reported. The Herald story noted that one of the hosts is Jan-Michele Lemon Kearney, the paper’s publisher.

But Obama’s campaign refused to comment. The campaign told us that Michelle Obama’s press secretary would have to answer the question but she didn’t started her job until today.

Pressed about the silliness of denying the obvious, the campaign remained silent.

Monday evening, Katie McCormick Llelyveld, e-mailed to say, “Michelle Obama will be in Cincinnati (Indian Hill) on Wednesday for a fundraiser at a private home and then she will do a closed press meeting with some church leaders in Forest Park. She will not be doing media interviews on this trip.”

[emphasis mine]


I’m a neophyte, a wishiwas and wonkabee when it comes to politics and understanding them, but I immediately thought:

Why isn’t a press meeting with…press? Isn’t a meeting with
church leaders…something other than a press meeting? How do you
have a press meeting if you’re not doing media interviews?

Anyone with answers, have at it.

5 thoughts on “Obamanaging

  1. RH – yeah, I understand that – still – hoping it’s first day jitters – I emailed with Mark Naymik and I think he read it the same as I did.

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