[updated] Read the letter: Dear Pres. Bush…Sincerely, Ted Strickland

AH! What we can see at the Governor’s website, that was left out in the Dispatch item: Gov. Strickland did what I and many others advise in dicey scenarios like this: cc a third party. In this case, Defense Secretary Robert Gates. That advice was given to me nearly 20 years ago and it still holds: always, always, always – copy a third party.

Thank you to the Cincinnati Enquirer for making the letter available here.

The crux:

As you are aware, the 37th Infantry Brigade Combat Team was originally in line for possible mobilization in 2009. The timeframe has been moved up dramatically. This is a significant departure from the commitment made to Ohio soldiers and their families, and I believe it is a breach of faith.

While this alert purportedly is not associated to the current “surge,” I remain troubled by the significant burden Ohioans continue to shoulder during the recent conflicts, with over 9,000 Ohio soldiers deployed since 9 / 11.

The brave men and women who serve in the Ohio National Guard are putting their lives on the line. I am asking for your assurance that prior to deployment, every
Ohio soldier has the most up-to-date equipment, including individual body armor systems, M-4 rifles and other weapons systems, night vision devices, and up-armored type wheeled vehicles. I am also asking for your assurance that every Ohio soldier has appropriate training.

Our soldiers and their families deserve nothing less. On behalf of the men and women in the Ohio National Guard, I look forward to your response and assurances.

Lots of buzz in the blogosphere and beyond about this. Makes listening to NPR all the more worthwhile because I had a chance to hear the governor speak on the topic of Ohio National Guardsmen being deployed to Iraq.

4 thoughts on “[updated] Read the letter: Dear Pres. Bush…Sincerely, Ted Strickland

  1. Anon – I get your point – you could just say it, too. But the problem with the equipment isn’t new and didn’t start and won’t end with this one appropriations bill – I suspect you know that too.

  2. I trust that Gov. Strickland has also sent a letter to the leadership of the US Congress requesting expeditious passage of the supplemental appropriations bill to fund the war. Without such funding, the Ohio National Guard (and the military in general) can obviously not be provided the equipment and training that they need.

  3. Congratulations, Governor! and Ohio. Hold them to it!Next on the agenda: Fixing the documents that allowed ‘you know who’ to send our Guard and Reserve in the first place.National Guard is to guard OUR nation – not someone else’s. Reserve means just that – RESERVE – they should be sent last – not first.

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