No longer a D-Kos Virgin

I posted my first diary at Daily Kos here (I signed up probably over a year ago? I really don’t know without checking). I’m afraid that if I don’t hyperlink it in a blog post, I’ll never find it again (I still can’t really figure out how it all works there). And Unique, I hold you personally responsible for my loss of virginity.

12 thoughts on “No longer a D-Kos Virgin

  1. Unique – I applied to Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service early decision – was deferred and then rejected – boohoo. So I went to GU’s language school then transfered into the liberal arts school. I don’t know if I could have passed the foreign service exam – I’m still shocked at the friends I knew who didn’t pass.

  2. ZY – Again, thanks – I appreciate the warning. I do try to tow a certain line and I did insert myself in one or two places in that thread. We’ll have to see when I get the nerve up to write more. Silence is far worse don’t you think?

  3. RH – Yeah, I know – I just read a more recent comment from you – about LA gov’s race – and I was thinking, I’m so lucky to have some of these blogger buddies. Thanks, Red. Esp. when you are contrarian.

  4. Thanks, Dawno! 🙂 I love seeing your name in my inbox – I subscribe to you via Bloglines now! never miss it, finally! (Hey – does Unique have a blog – Unique – do you have a blog??) (I feel so silly asking, esp. if she does – eek)

  5. All I’m saying is there is a regular band of commenters who, through their obsession with bashing Israel and portraying it as a criminal state at all times, even from its very birth in 1947, turn every such diary into a flamefest. There are other commenters who you can have quite a productive discussion with. The trick is, then, not to let yourself fall into the trap the Israel-bashing commenters lay you. That would be a sure way to get mired in the mudslinging, and trollrating would soon follow.I’ve never seen a diary on this subject that wasn’t overrun; but it’s your choice whether to go with the miscreants or to ignore them and confine yourself to those commenters and comments that are worthy engaging. After you have read a number of these diaries with their comments, you’ll have gotten a feel for discriminating between the worthy and the unworthy.G-d bless.ZY

  6. Kudos to you, Jill, for speaking out on Kos. Your writing was compelling and fair and well thought out. And your attention to the commentors – so well done. You shoulda been an ambassador – what diplomacy!

  7. Wow, I really appreciate you taking the time to come here and leave this comment. So let me ask you with sincerity, do you think it’s just not the place to try and “get through” – that people are too interested in pushing their own thing, or do you think there are enough people who would be willing to hash out stuff if there was a welcome thread for it? Or do such threads get too overrun?What’s your opinion? I tend to be an idealist, but I appreciate warning. 🙂

  8. Good luck there on DKos, Jill, for as long as you can take it. They let you easy for the first diary. But you will find that there is a substantial percentage of posters on those diaries (diaries on that subject) that are of the opinion that the state of Israel is a blight on humanity and should be dismantled for the sake of world peace (G-d forbid).I’m a right-winger and Religious Zionist, so my take on this conflict is far out of what is acceptable on Daily Kos; however, even the left-wing Jewish posters on those diaries are often dismayed by seeing sentiments that would be expected to be found only on fringe websites and forums. Just saying you should steel yourself…

  9. AW, thanks!! How was your Pesach?Oy the bar mitzvah!! My house is TOTALLY and LITERALLY UP-SIDE-DOWN. But it will be here in GACK four weeks. OH. MY. GOD. :)It’s exciting – it really is but I think I’m in shock, denial, catatonia- something.I hope you are great – thanks for commenting. 🙂

  10. Jill,Great job. I even read all 100 comments. A very interesting discussion that managed to stay sane.MuffetPS: Even tho I haven’t commented much lately, I’ve been reading. How are the bar mitzvah plans going?

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