Vu hired as Asst. Registrar, San Diego County, $130K salary

Co-inky dink? Has to be.

Ohio Republican Party chair Bob Bennett’s resignation from the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections and Michael Vu‘s hiring both happened yesterday.

From the

The news of Vu’s hiring drew immediate disapproval and bewilderment from a small number of critics who have sharply criticized San Diego County’s handling of recent elections and its own switch to electronic “touch-screen” computers.

“I’m disappointed, I think San Diego voters deserve better than this,” Carlsbad attorney Ken Simpkins said.

Simpkins unsuccessfully sued Haas, as county registrar, over how to count paper ballots, and to force the county to stock enough paper ballots at polling places to cover the county’s 1.3 million voters in November.

“I don’t know why Mr. Vu resigned, but like I said, San Diego voters deserve better,” Simpkins said. “Out of all the qualified people it’s surprising that they end up choosing somebody with the reputation that (Vu’s) got.”

[County Director of Community Services Mikel] Haas said Vu resigned for personal reasons and had family living on the West Coast.

Wow – did Haas really say that? Oy. Kind of a white lie, no, on that personal reasons thing? Earlier in the story, it says, “Vu was quoted in previous interviews as saying it was his decision to resign, based upon his belief that the Cuyahoga board wanted new leadership.”

No question Vu was scapegoated – all the problems can’t be all his fault. And no one contended that they were. But…he resigned for personal reasons?

I don’t know…kind of re-defines the concept of “personal reasons.”

Hattip Scott Pullins.

2 thoughts on “Vu hired as Asst. Registrar, San Diego County, $130K salary

  1. Thanks for the link back 2 months on Vu’s departure and SOS Brunner already “meeting with” Chairman Bennett at that time. We should wish Vu well. He’s loyal to the boss (Bennett) and not that bad as a communicator.

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