Thou Shalt Not Covet "Election '08: Covering Politics in Cyberspace"

I’m sinning. I can’t help it. Once in a while, a rare while, I wish I was one of them:

Applicants for the Multimedia Reporting workshops at UC Berkeley should be print and broadcast reporters and editors who want to make the transition to multimedia journalism and professional journalists engaged in preparing their news organizations for convergence.

Applicants for issue-oriented seminars or professional growth workshops at USC must be currently employed as professional multimedia journalists and have a minimum of three years of experience.

Not because I really want to be in that job or those jobs or that place of employment, but because I want the opportunities they get that a self-taught freelancer just has to either miss or try a lot harder to get. Maybe that’s right – that a freelancer has to prove him or herself because they aren’t affiliated with some bigger entity. But…well, it’s too late for me to opine intelligently on this – I think most people know what I’m talking about: I respect the time and effort of a career person in the field but giving such folks proper respect and respecting freelancers analogously shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

Anyway, it’s ironic that the host of the seminar for which you have to be an applicant who meet the above criteria is called Knight New Media Center. That “new media” thing is a bit misleading. It’s new media as used by or intergrated by old media. That’s okay – it’s important for that to happen, I sing that song all the time.

But even so, well, I find myself wishing I could be eligible for this seminar that starts tomorrow, Election ’08: Covering Politics in Cyberspace.

I could console myself by saying, ha! I already know how to do that. But, I’m a learner at heart and the fact is, no matter how much I know (which actually on this topic isn’t that much, even if it’s enough for now), I always want to know more. Always.

Hattip Amy Gahran who will be at the conference and is presenting Tools of Engagement: It’s a Conversation, Stupid and will be Twittering there as a liveblog experiment.

One thought on “Thou Shalt Not Covet "Election '08: Covering Politics in Cyberspace"

  1. Hey Jill, don’t despair — I’m independent, and they invited me to speak!I’d suggest that you contact Vikki Porter at Knight new Media Center and mention to her that you’d like their seminars to be available to freelancers, too. I’ll mention it to her when I see her as well, it’s a great point.- Amy Gahran

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