ODP State Dinner, Saturday evening, May 12, Columbus

I’m posting this as both a PSA as well as sort of a rumination.

Last year, I went to the ODP annual dinner, paid my way, and also got to sit with the bloggers after dinner to ask questions of Barack Obama. It was a fantastic evening and I would go back this year, based on that experience.

Except this year, as readers may recall, the competition for my presence has just been too stiff and I will need to attend my son’s bar mitzvah party, rather than listen to US Senator and presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton for a lot of money (although a lot less than my son’s soiree as you might imagine).

However, unlike last year, when I didn’t even get a ticket – it came in my husband’s name and I had to call to make sure I was on the list, I’ve received snailmails, emails, robocalls from Chris Redfern and today, I got a very nice personal call, with a live human and everything. I told the caller, in gest of course, that no doubt my event was going to syphen guests from the ODP event but that I was, regretfully, going to have to miss this year’s event due to the fact that it’s scheduled on the evening of my son’s celebration.

But I’d like to know: am I getting all this attention because my last name is on a list this year as someone who went last year? Are they having trouble filling up the 4K attendance they hope to have for HRC? A little bit of both? Or is it a problem because they moved it up three weeks earlier than last year (it was the first weekend in June)?

Last year was my first year, so I really have no clue as to how these things cycle in and out. But I am curious to know, is HRC a draw or not? What do others make of this year’s event and effort to get attendees?

My usual caveat: it could just be me.

One thought on “ODP State Dinner, Saturday evening, May 12, Columbus

  1. I did not go last year, and all I’ve gotten was a mailing. I think it may have to do with the fact that you paid last year, so they suspect you’re a ripe target for a check this year. I donated money to Ted, so that probably at least gets me a letter. I think you would be called a “mark” in terms of fundraising. :)Many blessings to your son on his special day.

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