Speaking of journalists' crossing the lines…

We bandied about that topic on this week’s edition of Capitol Square (partial podcast here, not sure where or when the complete one will be up).

Right on cue is the question about whether to provide the tape and transcript of Alec Baldwin’s voice mail message for his daughter.

TMZ.com utilizes a tabloid-style of journalism for content. The message is gossip-worthy, no question there. And it’s spot-on for the kind of information TMZ publishes. And for sure, people want to and will and have and are going to read it.

But does that mean it should be published? No one has to read or hear it who doesn’t want to. On the other hand, Alec Baldwin is a public figure, but his daughter isn’t.

Was harm minimized? Or, as Paul Kostyu suggest on Capitol Square, is this just another case of how blogs seem, to some, to purposely maximize harm, in the interest of…I’m not really sure what?

One thought on “Speaking of journalists' crossing the lines…

  1. I’m actually glad the voice mail was made public.I blogged about it on one of my blogs and included a link to it.I wonder what would’ve happened if Alec’s threatening voice mail message had been left secret and he made his trip to come “straighten out” his “pig” of a daughter?Thank God a judge took those words as threatening and got Kim protection for her daughter from a man who has been reportedly violent in the past.This is a case of good things coming from bloggers.I don’t agree with stalkerazzi methods, but when a child’s safety is in question, I’m glad Alec was exposed!

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