Harvard report: "The Media As a Weapon in Asymmetrical Conflict"

The report is here. You can read about Marvin Kalb here. This article in Front Page Magazine explores and explains the situation and the findings.

Ironically, Kalb’s study of the media’s behavior regarding coverage of the 2006 Israel-Hezbollah conflict received extremely little exposure, although, as reported in the Cleveland Jewish News (and heard by me because I was in attendance at the event) last fall, Lesley Stahl spoke in town and specifically discussed the imbalance in coverage of the conflict:

During the fighting, Stahl says, only reporters from al-Manar, the Hezbollah TV station, were allowed to cover the battles. In turn, al-Manar fed news to Al-Jazeera, thus “controlling images and influencing perceptions all over the Arab world.”

If blogs are the watchdogs of the watchers, as Matt Naugle explicitly said blogs must be, why hasn’t anyone said more about Kalb’s study of the media’s work last summer?

H/t Yid with Lid.

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