Why David Halberstam mattered

From Editor & Publisher:

Halberstam Memories, Obituaries

New York Times: “I think the work he was proudest of was his trilogy on war,” his wife, Jean Halberstam, said last night.

Los Angeles Times: “In an age when journalism was practiced by some very talented people, David stood out as one of the great reporters of his time,” said Pulitzer Prize-winning author Neil Sheehan.

USA Today: Halberstam turned journalism into history.

Poynter: He is likely to be most remembered for an unquenchable desire to describe what he saw in war, writes Roy Peter Clark.

Harvard Crimson: “He was just raw energy, you just saw the man in constant motion. I picture him at one or two in the morning looking over the last proofs of the paper before they went to print,” said Arthur J. Langguth, Jr., who was president of The Crimson when Halberstam was managing editor.

Detroit Free Press: “Let me tell you why David Halberstam was important to the sports pages,” writes Mitch Albom. “Because, in a world where too many of us use our mouths, David used his mind. In a world where fast and ignorant are celebrated, David was slow and cerebral.”

Boston Globe: “It was a privilege and honor to watch David practice his craft and an even greater one to call him a friend,” Bill Belichick said in a statement.

And more here.

Incredible loss.

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