Do I need to reprise the 57 Reasons posts?


Someone who knows – how close is this to what got defeated in the house, after passing the senate, in 2004 (I think it as 04)?

4 thoughts on “Do I need to reprise the 57 Reasons posts?

  1. You know I’m really just toying with you, Jason, right? 🙂 kiddingSeriously though – yeah – you know, it’s just the whole thing. Why? For the race tracks? Who? What?Fey. 🙂

  2. The key difference between instant racing and slot machines is that instant racing is pari-mutuel, meaning that the players bet against each other and the house or the track takes a commission out of the wagering pool. Slot machines are house-banked, meaning that the players bet against the house. Instant racing also is contingent on the outcome of a horse race.There has been legal pari-mutuel wagering on the outcomes of horse races in Ohio since at least 1925, so I’m not sure how this would cause any problems that aren’t already caused by horse racing.AmTote has more information about instant racing here.

  3. I am so sick of the news from Columbus about bills that have NOTHING to do with what the public demands but have EVERYTHING to do with where these state legislators, of BOTH parties, are getting their re-election campaign funds from. We are in just the fourth month of the biennium, and look at the GARBAGE that gets fast-tracked as if it were a priority! Their motives are SO transparent. They want to earn the campaign donations now hoping that by the time November 2008 rolls around, the voters have forgotten all about such odious legislation. I won’t forget that Seitz and Stivers have sponsored these instant racing gambling bills. I also won’t forget that Jacobson sponsored SB 117. These bozos think that the State House is their candy store, when they should be representing US!I’m ticked off. Thanks for letting me rant, Jill.

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