NY Post re-writes AP story decidedly against Dems, AP writer disavows its representation of his work

Oh boy, that journalists’ ethics thing again. It’s enough to make bloggers look good.

From Talking Points Memo:

…the Post completely rewrote the story to make it a hit on Dems — than ran the piece with the imprimatur of the AP and Espo. While papers are free to edit AP copy, this complete makeover is nonetheless extraordinary — and extraordinarily revealing. In the first version the “death sentence” remark from Perino was in the 13th paragraph. In the Post version, that was the lede and headline. Wow.

I just checked in with AP spokesperson Jack Stokes and asked him if anything put out by the AP yesterday looked anything like the Post story. His answer: “There is no version like that on AP wires.”

So there you have it. I’m not sure it gets any clearer than that.

Update: It gets better. I just heard back from the author, David Espo. He told me: “I didn’t write anything remotely like that. My name was on the story and I didn’t write it anything like the way it was printed.”

[Yes, we could question whether the blog author really spoke with Espo or Stokes. I’m going to trust it.]

PD/Dispatch/Enquirer and other MSM staff/readers, please – chime in, would you? Anons are fine, and feel free to say what the NY Post did is acceptable. But if it isn’t, tell us: what do readers do about this kind of thing?

H/t Plunderbund.

2 thoughts on “NY Post re-writes AP story decidedly against Dems, AP writer disavows its representation of his work

  1. My thought would be that newspapers change AP copy due to space constraints or to add new factual information that has developed since the story broke.The Dispatch is a shell since the internet has taken over. They were slow to react and should have concentrated on more local stories not easily found on the web.I would have no problem canceling my subscription if I found they were intentionally changing the tenor of stories.

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