Alleged criminal, released once after quoting Bible, locked up again

Didn’t you know this would happen?

What the ability to quote the Bible and committing crimes have to do with each other I couldn’t even guess. Plenty of pious people have been in plenty of prisons.

In this article, the judge defends his actions:

[Hamilton County Municipal Judge John] Burlew says his intent was to merely test the suspect’s honesty, not to endorse Christianity in the courtroom, but the judge does say he was justified to use a religious reference.

“People do not understand the separation of church and state,” Judge Burlew said. “When a witness testifies in my courtroom, they raise their right hand and swear to God, they put their hand on a Bible, and if they pay a fine it is with currency that says in God we Trust.”

Burlew’s action have gained nationwide attention, and not everyone agrees with them.

On Friday, a grievance was made against him to the Ohio Supreme Court by a California man.

Well – he got one thing right: a lack of understanding about church and state.

One thought on “Alleged criminal, released once after quoting Bible, locked up again

  1. Jill:I’m not sure what you’re saying with your first sentence, but it felt like a jab.This judge is an idiot, and should be removed from the bench for stunts like this. But are you seeing some kind of conspiracy behind what he did?I won’t pretend to understand how the case law relative to the First Amendment has developed over time. But it feels to me like the establishment clause has overpowered the freedom of religion clause, at least relative to Christianity. Here are some examples:At the formal closing ceremony of the Ohio Union at The Ohio State University (a public school), Native Americans were invited to perform a “smudging ceremony” to fill the building with good spirits.During Ramadan, Muslim students in the Hilliard school system are permitted to leave class to attend prayers in rooms set aside in the school for that purpose.At the beginning of the school year, a Christian group asked for permission to enter a school on a Sunday to pray for blessings on the school. The ACLU protested and permission was denied.I don’t understand the inconsistency. Is the First Amendment meant to protect society from only Christianity?PL

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