Why Ohioans need to vote in a GA with a Democratic majority in 2008

This Plain Dealer article says that to me. Although I will note, again, that KnowledgeWorks is headed by Chad Wick who has both of Governor Strickland’s ears when it comes to education, primary, secondary and higher.

So long as Statehouse Republicans play semantic spin games like this, it will get easier and easier to believe in this post’s title’s goal:

In a briefing document distributed Thursday, Republicans put those budget numbers under the heading “Implementing Governor Ted Strickland’s School Funding Solution.”

“The governor said he stakes his governorship on his education plan,” House Finance Committee Chairman Matthew Dolan, a Russell Township Republican, told reporters Thursday. “We’re going to send it out to the people and say, ‘This is the governor’s plan – what do you think?’ “

Does Dolan honestly believe that his Democratic colleagues or the governor would let that interpretation stand unchallenged? Talk about transparent motives.

One thought on “Why Ohioans need to vote in a GA with a Democratic majority in 2008

  1. Ohio will elect a Republican GA in 2008. Definitely the Ohio Senate will remain Republican. Highly likely that the Ohio House will also be Republican. Gov. Strickland is just going to have to figure out how to work with the GA he’s got.In the Ohio House, though, I believe we’d have a much more principled Republican caucus if Batchelder were the Speaker rather than heir-apparent Dolan.

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